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About Us

Cotton & Snow is a leading specialty retailer of high-quality shaved ice along with our 50 flavor organic cotton candy bar and local ice cream. We cheerfully serve up finely shaved Hawaiian ice savored in handcrafted natural flavors. Our signature flavors are created by us to evoke a taste true to it's name and made with 100% pure cane sugar and no corn syrups. We created the cotton candy shaved ice topped with freshly spun cotton candy and are in fact named after our signature creation.


Offering ice shaved so fine we call it snow, what's our secret for the smoothest ice? Well, that is our trade secret but we use 16-inch long blocks of ice made with our "in house" osmosis system that filters our water purer than any water you can buy in store. All of our flavors are original and made with real fruits and our freshest ingredients. With an authentic quality shaved ice, we are also proud to be known for our over the top hospitality and relaxed atmosphere.

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